Biggest submarine museum of the world

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Driving Directions for the Maritim Museum:

Berlin Ring A10 on the A11 to Szczecin

take at Triangle Ueckermark the A20 to Stralsund

using exit Gützkow the B111 to Wolgast

Crossing the bridge "Blue Wonder" in Wolgast

to get on the island, follow the B111 until you reach

the crossing at Bannemin, drive left

and follow the signposting to Pennemünde Town.

Visit he submarine in Peenemünde harbour.

Distance from Berlin approx. 225km

maritim–museum • main harbour Peenemünde • 17449 Peenemünde

Phone +4938 371-28 565 • Phone +4938 371-89 054 • Phone +49700-47 47 33 33

Fax +4938 371-26 39 17• Mobil +49176-10 77 77 07